AI data assistant

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Harness the power of AI to analyze, summarize, and visualize data without all the complex SQL requirements.

Modernize your business analytics with conversational AI database queries.

Genie is an AI data analyst that empowers business users to query and visualize their data without the hassle of complex SQL.

Powerful & customizable AI

Allowing anyone on the team to easily ask any data question and get answers in seconds connecting to any files, database or API directly into Slack, Teams, or any workspace.

Locally running, privacy aware, no internet required

Work 10x as fast with Al while keeping your internal data safe and secure. Self hosted LLMs that run locally in to your infrastructure, customized to your data.

Made for institutional clients

Genie ecosystem is built to enforce quality and security alongside spearheading the effort to allow any enterprise to easily train and deploy their own Al. We're also SOC2 Type 2 compliant.

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Generating your tabular output & chart
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How it works

Go from query to insights, instantly

Add your data and query in natural language across multiple tables.

Ask follow-up questions and get insights and visualizations in seconds.

Do it all in Slack or wherever you prefer.

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Bring in data from any data source
Easily connect to tools like PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Airtable, Google Sheets, and MongoDB. Or, just upload your files directly.

Genie meets you where you work

Integrate your preferred workspace like Slack, Teams, or even Whatsapp, and leverage Genie inside

Our customers benefit from...
Insights in seconds instead of weeks

No need to rely on your data team to generate insights for you

Ability to perform complex queries

Perform queries on top of one another, learning from the past

No SQL skills required

We generate the SQL for you, but you don't need to actually edit it

All your data in one place

Plug in all of your data sources, we'll keep a copy and update it on demand

Significant cost & time savings

Save hours and dollars on compute and downtime

Improved operational efficiency

Improve the bottom-line for your team and buisness

How we are changing organizations

Increased productivity and streamlined operations
CTO, L/S Fund
"Genie increased productivity at the fund by automating our data analytics processes, it has streamlined manual tasks and saved our devs valuable time. The tool's automation capabilities have empowered our team to focus on strategic activities, resulting in enhanced productivity"
Self-hosting for security and faster access
Head of Analytics, Large Payment Enterprise
"The decision to self-host Genie has greatly benefited our non-technical teams. By hosting the tool internally we have gained greater control over data security. It has led to faster data access and improved scalability, resulting in increased productivity and optimized data management."

Built with institutional usage always in mind

You can host and manage directly on your server, giving you complete control over your data privacy, security, and integrity.

Run Genie on your company's servers

Keep your data on-premise, connect to a database running on the same machine/intranet, ensuring that your API keys or security credentials never leave your server and have the same security rules.

With Genie, the application you run would be on your infrastructure, inside your virtual private networks/VPC. You can host it on internal networks behind a firewall and also configure SSL and custom domain.

Adaptable business models for any use case

Genie supports an out of the box solution or custom based on whatever you prefer.

Out of the box monthly subscription

Use our existing fine-tuned proprietary LLM in a cloud app, Slack, or Teams integration

White label solution

Integrate Genie into your infra in an air gapped solution


Adapt best-in-class foundation models to your business and your specific data to build successful AI programs and data from your enterprise

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